Silver run coming?

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Silver keeps trying to break out and is getting slammed back down by the manipulators, perhaps, eventually they will no longer be able to suppress the price. We see as a clue, the apparent loss of control of the gold price manipulation. Gold up 38.85% over 12 months in NZD!

Silver run coming? Screen-Shot-2020-03-10-at-5.17.52-PM
Gold over all time high in NZD

Silver will likely just break out and that will spell big trouble for silver supply. Already we see suppliers running out of coins and bars of certain popular types due to a run on the physical supply. Yet the “spot” silver price is not rising naturally to reflect demand due to suppression of the price by “pretend silver” traders.

Silver run coming? Screen-Shot-2020-03-10-at-5.19.10-PM
Silver still has to ~ double to reach all time high

“Total contract open interest for Comex silver hit a new ALL TIME high February 26th, 2020: 244,705 derivative contracts is the digital equivalent of 1,223,525,000 ounces of silver… That’s make-believe pretend ‘silver’, created from nothing and fed to Spec buyers, all done in an effort to manage price and contain it below $18.50…” – TFMetals

Please do your research and you will likely find I am correct: (MUST READ)

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