Reset coming?

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Hope you are well. How is the new normal?

If you have just joined the BuyBullionVIP Membership, please bear with us as we’ve had over 500 sign-ups recently and we’re way behind on our free coin mailings due to crazy demand for precious metals… please remind us if you’re still waiting for your Membership coin and we will double check against our list.

And wow, check out these headlines:

“… Major Banking Crisis May Start In A Few Weeks, Silver Ready To Ignite…”

“… The Stock Market Collapse Will Be Epic And Gold Will Skyrocket…”

“… The Bullion Banks Are In Serious Trouble In The Gold Market…”

These folks infer that in the impending chaos, the big winners will be holders of physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium, etc. and the risky assets are shares in bubbles, bank deposits and cash destined to be “negative interest rated” and hyperinflated away.

What are your thoughts?

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