100 oz 99.9% silver Stacker King bar


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100 oz 99.9% pure silver Scottsdale Stacker King bar.

The ultimate statement of wealth and power. Weighing in at 100 Troy ounces, the King Stacker® is for you silver bugs who use the 10 oz stackers as paperweights and skipping stones. Each King Stacker® silver bar has a unique serial number and we are ISO 9000-2015 certified. The Scottsdale Silver King Stacker® features the same interlocking design as its smaller counterparts. To top it off, they are BRAND NEW .999 Fine Silver Bullion MADE IN USA.

Bar Highlights:

  • Precision-machined 100 Troy Oz Silver Bar.
  • Beveled, interlocking edges, precision-stamped.
  • Brand New .999 Pure Silver MADE IN USA.

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