1 oz 99.9% silver “BTC-themed” round


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1 oz “bitcoin-themed” 99.9% silver round

THIS IS NOT Bitcoin itself (which is a digital or electronic currency NOT a physical item)!

THIS IS simply a collectible physical 99.9% pure silver round minted in the USA.

Produced by Patriot Coins these 1-ounce 999 Fine Silver rounds feature an intricate techy design inspired by Bitcoin. These rounds are AOCS approved (American Open Currency Standard), a voluntary barter system based on the value of silver.

Bitcoin was invented in 2008 and operates as a decentralized open-source peer-to-peer digital currency without any central authorities, administrators or institutions to oversee transactions or regulate it. It operates under a pre-established algorithm, cryptography, and collective data verification.


  • Consisting of 1 oz of 999 Fine Silver
  • Obverse: Features the engraving of complex circuit-like structure connecting to a processor with the inscriptions “MJB” and “2022”
  • Reverse: Features the engravings of a centered Bitcoin logo, the inscriptions “BITCOIN DIGITAL DECENTRALIZED PEER TO PEER” and “AOCS APPROVED” along with the metal weight, purity and type
  • Rounds come in 40mm plastic capsules.

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