1000 gram 99.99% gold Scottsdale Mint bar


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1 kilogram 99.99% gold Scottsdale Mint bar

These Brand New Certified Gold Bars are 32.15 Troy Oz of 9999 Fine Solid Gold each.

Few investments are as satisfying to hold in the hand as a kilogram of solid gold. Humankind has always valued gold for its special properties; the alluring, rich color of the metal as well as its ability to resist rust and its soft malleability when pure are all quite unique amongst metals.

A 1 kilo gold bar contains 1 kilogram of fine gold, which amounts to roughly 32.15 troy oz or about 2.2 lbs. The bullion is shaped into a bar for convenient storage and stamped with its weight as well as other markers of value, to include Scottsdale Mint’s logo, the bar’s metal content and purity and a serial number to help you track your investments.

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