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New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD) discusses cryptocurrency and tax: https://www.ird.govt.n

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Get some clues by reading this new article: What if Venezuelan Hyperinflation Came to the US? https:

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Important Safety and Security Tips in This Digital Age Must read:

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Acidic water and other drinks contribute to many diseases and illnesses due to the wrong pH level. M

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The 4 Biggest Signs For Silver – Mike Maloney Insider’s Preview Also be sure to subscri

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What is crypto currency for beginners:

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As we know, surveillance of people is commonplace. Our emails, phone calls, txt messages, Internet u

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What is the best crypto currency wallet to store your Bitcoin or alt-coins? A hardware wallet is saf

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If you hold fiat currency (US dollars, New Zealand dollars, Bolivars, Rubles, Yuan, etc), please con

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