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If the privacy of your financial transactions is important to you, best to use a secure encrypted email service and a secure encrypted txt messaging service. is encrypted end-to-end and my recommendation for best email privacy.

Most other email providers, if not encrypted, are open to interception by hackers, competitors and other bad actors. Your emails can be intercepted and used to compromise you. Also the surveillance and/or archival of your emails occurs on a large scale with gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and most free email providers; so if government decides one day to come after your gold or silver, as has happened before, they will know how to find you: just compel for an email search of the archives of people who have discussed and/or ordered gold or silver.

If you use your own free protonmail account to email us here at through our website form or email us directly, your communications will be encrypted end-to-end by and therefore secure from prying eyes.

Use protonmail please.

Also as txt messaging is commonly used, the same bad actor behaviour and government archival of txt messages may also occur. So, your txt messages are not private if you use most txt messaging apps. I recommend using Signal encrypted txt messaging service. Txts are thus encrypted end-to-end between users of Signal.

Use Signal please.

If you use Signal to txt message us here at, your communications will be encrypted end-to-end by Signal and therefore secure from nosey naughties.

Financial privacy is yours if you use the right tools.

In addition, do you use cloud storage? Then do read

Also, once you install Signal, feel free to txt me to join our BullionVIP Insiders list, an encrypted txt messenger group of those interested in discussing latest news in the market and the first to get spot price-like silver and gold deals. I am on 027-477-5198.

See for a more in-depth look at how you can avoid being compromised.

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