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Acidic water and other drinks contribute to many diseases and illnesses due to the wrong pH level. Most of the things we drink, including bottled water, are generally too acidic. Please watch Pat Boone discuss this important issue here…

Kangen water is a very special and unique water that is produced by water ionizers manufactured and hand-assembled exclusively by the world-class company, Enagic, of Japan.

Numerous clinical studies have been done on the benefits:

We also are pleased to present recent testimonials from New Zealanders who have tried Kangen water and had amazing results for their health issues (download PDF here: Kangen Testimonials July 2018 ).

Kangen water is high in anti-oxidants and alkalinity. It is restructured, micro-clustered hexagonal water molecules which allows quick absorption by the body to help clear acidity and inflammation.

This leads to improved health, energy and concentration and:

  • detoxification and cleansing
  • micro-clustering increasing hydration
  • free radical nuetralisation
  • anti-oxidation
  • reduction of fatigue and increase in energy
  • overall health improvement

Interested in trying Kangen water? Contact us now for a free sample pottle. No obligations!

And may God bless you.

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