Bank Bail-ins

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Happy Friday.

I apologise in advance if you are a banker, I mean you no disrespect but the truth of the matter is important to consider.

This may be old news to some of you but if not, let me help you realise about bank failure procedure in New Zealand.

We can debate about the likelihood of a bank failure in our peaceful country, and reach different conclusions. Some say it won’t happen, it can happen, it will happen, it has to happen. Others say banks are all technically insolvent, they cannot handle a bank run, they are corrupt and money-greedy fee-taking evil monsters. One way or the other, if and/or when a bank failure does occur in New Zealand, the government is ready to allow for confiscation of New Zealand depositor funds. This is referred to as a bail-in. And it has and will continue to happen with banks world-wide.

Please do your research and be aware of what can happen to your funds sitting like a duck in your “bank”. Here is the Reserve Bank of New Zealand recommendations to deal with (a) bank failure(s):

Bank Bail-ins open-bank-resolution-bank-failure

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Even crazier: negative interest rates perhaps coming soon to banks in New Zealand?!

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