About your parcels

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  1. All BuyBullion orders ship with full replacement insurance.
  2. We email you tracking when your order ships so you can monitor your parcel movements.
  3. By default we ship to the NZCouriers depot nearest to your residence, with instructions for the courier to ring your mobile for pickup of the parcel. You will need to show the courier depot an ID and sign for the parcel when you retrieve it from the courier depot.
  4. Shipping Depot Only is a new policy for 2019 that reduces the risk to you and to us of a courier leaving gold or silver in your letterbox without a signature. Despite that we buy a Signature Only service, there is still a small probability that the courier will leave without a signature if they are in a rush. So this eliminates the risk of theft that could occur in this instance. Also there is a convenience factor for you as you can go pickup the parcel at the Depot when you wish.
  5. We apologise if this option is inconvenient due to the location of the Depot.
  6. If there is not a Depot in your town, we will ship to your chosen address.

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